About Us

From our personal experiences to our family's gaming spirit, check out below for all the information you need to know on how we got here and why you can trust The Board Bartender for gaming excellence.

Serving Kingston Since 2020

Our Mission

Board games have always been an integral aspect of our family. We all can fondly remember afternoons of joy around the kitchen table playing classics like Monopoly®, New Year’s Eve nights battling for world conquest in Risk®, and even learning to spell with Scrabble® or draw with Pictionary®. As time passed, our game collection grew from a handful of classics to include unique strategy games like Gangster® and Globetrotters® or Cards Against Humanity® and Telestrations After Dark® to party responsibly as adults.

"We strive to provide a fun game night each time you rent. After all, The Board Bartender is Fun Delivered."

With hundreds of games now in our collection, it is time for us to share that joy and provide new experiences here in Kingston. We always had fun inviting friends over for game night or bringing new games to family gatherings. We want you to be able to do the same.

Through The Board Bartender, our family of five owners is bringing our expansive board game collection right to your next get-together to provide that fun and excitement that we enjoy. We provide a comprehensive game night experience by dropping off, providing any necessary support, and picking up the games to create a hassle-free way of bringing new gaming experiences to your weekly game night. In providing our services, we strive to keep our simple mission of providing a fun game night each time you rent from The Board Bartender.

After all, The Board Bartender is Fun Delivered. Whether it is a regular game night or an occasional last-minute change of plans, we hope to bring you the games that will make the memories we continue to experience to this day in our family.

The Real Meeples

Meet the founders of The Board Bartender.

  • Dylan Sova - Founder and Director of Operations

    Building on a business background from Carleton University, Dylan passionately brings people together over great games through The Board Bartender. Kingston has been a welcoming landscape for Dylan since his arrival in 2020 and has provided an opportunity to demonstrate his commitment to delivering fun. In leading day-to-day operations, Dylan is grateful for the opportunity to foster memories and looks forward to the years of growth in Kingston’s board gaming community.

  • Ryan Sova - Founder and Director of Administration

    During his 5 years at Trent University, Ryan advocated for change and seasoned himself as an administrative professional, by drafting policies that guided student governments to success. He brings that same foundational passion to The Board Bartender in making sure you get service excellence. Since moving to Kingston in 2019, Ryan has used his love of games to build connections in his new community. He is looking forward to continue laying down personal roots in Kingston and adding his mark to the city’s lively night scene.

  • Rachel Fuchs - Founder and Director of Marketing

    As a working professional in the marketing space, Rachel enjoys bringing creativity to community initiatives and consumer engagement. Rachel is excited to continue delivering the promise of connection to as much of Kingston as possible, through memorable game nights with The Board Bartender. She is proud to develop this company as a fun, social, learning space that her daughter can enjoy for years to come. Rachel encourages Kingstonians to connect with us on social media to tell us how you want your fun delivered.

  • Kim Sova - Founder and Director of Accounting

    Kim is a 20-year veteran of the financial world with several small business clients. She is proud to bring her expertise into her own business and guide it to long-term stability. Kim is committed to company transparency in providing affordable entertainment to Kingston. Outside of business and finances, Kim has been a lifelong participant in community volunteering and is eager for all the opportunities The Board Bartender has taken and will take to build up Kingston.

  • Rob Sova - Founder and Director of Technology

    Rob has been involved in the evolving tech field since his education at the University of Waterloo in the early 1980s. As a seasoned IT professional, he is excited to bring his expertise to Kingston’s newest innovation in the entertainment sector. Rob works to create a seamless experience for players at theboardbartender.ca by focusing on every detail. As he continues to look for ways to innovate Kingston’s online space, Rob is happy to help you find the perfect game for every occasion. 

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Our Promise

The Board Bartender is dedicated to providing our players with respectful, courteous, and comprehensive assistance in playing our ready-to-enjoy board game collection. Although some of our games are more well-loved than most of our previously played games collection, we will always provide the requested games from our collection in playable condition or your money back. Any inquiries made directly to The Board Bartender regarding this policy, complaints about our services, and any other question about our business operations will be responded to within 2 business days.

As the future is always unpredictable, The Board Bartender will always strive to communicate any changes to orders, deliveries, games, or other aspects of the player experience within a reasonable timeline to ensure we rectify any errors or issues we are responsible for or perceive to potentially occur. Should you be dissatisfied with the gaming experience we provided, please feel free to reach out to us directly so that we can best rectify any issues and ensure your next gaming experience achieves the high level of satisfaction and enjoyment we aim to provide.

"The Board Bartender is dedicated to providing our players with respectful, courteous, and comprehensive assistance"

Our Website

As with any website, The Board Bartender will be updating our website to continually provide the best player experience we can offer at any given point in time. Due to this, some options, charges, and available rental periods may change and alter your site experience in the future. Rest assured, we take any feedback to heart and accept critiques to our changes in service. Feel free to provide feedback through completing the Contact Us form.

With this in mind a few features of our site are still under development and we ask that all games in a given order be selected with the same time frame to avoid any delays in service. Should any games in an order be for different time periods, The Board Bartender reserves the right to contact you for clarification and/or to cancel the order with a full refund if it cannot be fulfilled as placed. Any inquiries can be answered by completing the Contact Us form.

COVID-19 Policy

"We are doing our part so you can safely enjoy our games worry-free with the people you care about"

As COVID-19 has altered and shaped our world since early 2020, The Board Bartender has always developed its processes with the utmost concern for your health and safety. The Board Bartender started operations in this changing landscape and will continue to ensure safe game playability into the future. With the change of government legislation to pre-pandemic expectations and the diminishing impact of the pandemic, The Board Bartender is aligning its guarantees with the market’s standards while ensuring cleanliness and safe, accessible gaming for each and every rental.

We are doing our part so you can safely enjoy our games worry-free with the people you care about by following all public health guidelines from Kingston Public Health and other pertinent agencies. During the rental period, we do encourage enjoying our games with close family and friends and new acquaintances alike. With that in mind, we encourage following all public health guidelines and applicable laws surrounding social gatherings to ensure the health and safety of all players who enjoy our games.

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