Welcome Kingston!

Whether we have already had the pleasure to serve you or you are just beginning your journey, we hope this page provides useful information in elevating your gaming experience. Scroll down for more about the rental process, what makes your experience unique, and key information for a smooth rental.

How does it work?

Plain and simple, we rent out our games to fellow Kingstonians!

It all starts with browsing our collection to find the games that fit your evening of revelry. Once chosen, select a drop off and pick up date and time for our driver to get the games from us to you and back. Don't worry though, we only charge one delivery fee that covers both drop off and pick up!

With date and time selected, all that remains is to provide an address where we can drop off and pick up in our deliverable zone pictured above. If you are located outside of the zone, we are happy to connect at any reasonable location to hand off the games and pick them up. After setting the location, you are all set to sit back and enjoy the Fun being Delivered!

Throughout the process of ordering from us and enjoying our games, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Should you need any alterations to your order, simply use our contact us form and we can assist in rectifying any game related issues.

Differences to the Usual Gaming Experience

Below are a list of some things that we and/or manufacturers have done to some or all of our games to ensure the longevity of the board games and ensure more players can enjoy our collection.

  • Plastic Bags and Elastics

    Most of our games have pieces packaged in bags or elastics within their boxes to help organize the game for easy learning, quick setup, and trackability. We ask that you do not throw out these packaging materials and try to return the pieces to their respective packaging wherever possible. If nothing else, if the bags and elastics are kept along with the pieces in the box we can re-sort the parts if required.

  • Card Sleeves

    Plastic sleeves are on some cards to protect against spills and dirt. We ask that you do not remove the cards from the sleeves and otherwise can play the games as normal. These sleeves are not waterproof, so please continue to handle them with care as you would with a non-sleeved card.

  • Digital Instructions and Contents Lists

    On our site, some games have only digital versions of the instructions and contents to allow for full accessibility, an eco-friendly approach, and preservation of copies for future players. Also, some instructions have videos and websites from the game manufacturers to explain the rules. These are not provided by The Board Bartender but are resources available to players for enhancing the gaming experience.

  • Only English Rules Guaranteed

    We only provide English rules for all our games as we cannot fully support other languages at this time. Feel free to contact us if you require any other languages and we will strive to support where we can to ensure game enjoyability.

  • Phone Applications

    A few of our games require phone applications to get the full player experience. These are provided by the game providers and are not supported by The Board Bartender but will be noted on the product page if required.

  • Online Images

    The image online of a given game may not match the exact copy provided in your order as we house multiple copies with identical rules in our collection.

  • Game Modifications

    Some games will have notes about piece changes to ensure game longevity. For example, a game that asks to place stickers on a game board may have stickers on tokens to ensure reuse and we ask you to use the token in the same manner as the sticker would be used.

  • Game Responsibly

    As always, for any game that may or may not include alcoholic beverages, please drink responsibly and feel free to enjoy the game without the reliance on alcohol.

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Our Expectations

In renting from our board game collection, we expect a few things from our players to ensure that all future players can enjoy the games as much as you will.

  • Firstly, we ask that all players be respectful and courteous when interacting with our staff whether in person, by written correspondence, or via phone interactions. We do suggest approaching any players you invite to your board game night with the same respect to make the night enjoyable for everyone involved.

  • Secondly, for delivery and pick up, we will be happy to deliver any order to a secure and reasonably publicly accessible location at your selection. We will not be entering private residences for both our safety and yours. Please keep these directives in mind when choosing a drop off and pick up point.

  • Thirdly, in playing our games, we understand that wear and tear are likely to occur. We ask that all games be returned in the same condition as provided with reasonable use. This means that if a game has protective measures, such as sleeved cards, we ask for you to keep those measures in place to prevent damage and that you do not make any permanent changes to the games.

  • Finally, we ask that all pieces and parts to a game be returned in the box or container it arrived in to ensure the next player can enjoy the game and to avoid any inadvertent damaged game charge. Unreturned games and games damaged beyond playability will be subject to a fee equivalent to their MSRP at the discretion of The Board Bartender.

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