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  • Faith and Redemption Board Game Box
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Faith and Redemption

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Faith and Redemption is a Christian game where players gain followers throughout their epic journey from the Garden of Eden to Judgment Day. As players gain followers, they are granted prayers and miracles that help them overcome the ever-present temptation of sin.

Although Faith and Redemption represents a fallen world, redemption is always possible and forgiveness is never more than a prayer away.

Faith and Redemption is a multi-part roll-and-move Christian game that differs from the traditional approach towards religious games. Most other Christian games are either trivia or simply Bible versions of existing games. Faith and Redemption strives to create a unique experience based on the teachings of the Christian Bible.

Players begin first by collecting animals before the Great Flood destroys all mankind. The number of matching animal pairs they collect are then traded in for prayers, which are used to combat sin throughout the rest of the game. Players then embark on the journey of a lifetime; trying to navigate their way through the trials and tribulations of both the Old and New Testaments.

Along the way, the players gain followers and grow in spiritual power, fighting valiantly against sins such as temptation, greed, and vanity. As the power and influence of the Devil grow, so too does the power of God, resulting in the triumphant coming of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. In the end, the player with the fewest amount of sin conquers Satan and wins the game.