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  • Go-Matria Board Game Box
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"Modern word game with ancient values"

Go, Matria! is an educational word game based on the ancient Kaballah system of numerology, Gematria, where each letter has a numerical value based on its placement in the alphabet.

As time begins, players roll the die and race each other to collect letters, but they must be careful; players can steal each other’s letters! Once a player collects ten letters they must yell out, "Go, Matria!" to be safe from having their letters stolen by another player. They then race the timer and each other to create as many words as possible with the highest point value, using each letter only once.

The duration of the game depends on the pre-determined number of rounds players set for themselves. It’s up to the players if they want to play a short game or a longer one! Each round is 4 minutes in length.

The Go, Matria! letter tiles come in a bag and remain hidden during each round. Players can only see and use the letters they pull out of the bag to make words. The tiles are placed on a stand to keep their letters hidden from their opponents!

Components: Letter Tiles, Tile Stands, Six-Sided Die, Drawstring Bag, 4-Minute Sand Timer, Score Pad.