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  • Hearing Things Board Game Box
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Hearing Things

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Hearing Things is a variation on the 'Whisper Challenge' internet game.

Players wearing noise-cancelling headphones guess aloud what random phrase off a card they think their teammate is whispering by reading that teammate's lips. Phrases include, "Pigeons like to cuddle" or "You're the champ of the camp".

The headphones play the equivalent of background noise at a cocktail party to help block out any external noise.

The player with the headphones has a minute to guess as many phrases correctly as possible, earning each respective card, but the fun of the game is in the many incorrect phrases that are guessed out loud along the way. Neither players are allowed to pass on a phrase during a turn. When time is running out during a turn the headphones beep notifying the player wearing them and blink red lights to notify all of the other players

The team with the most cards (i.e. correct guesses) at the end of the game wins.

The game includes 150 cards with two phrases on front and two phrases on back for approximately 600 phrases and there is a two player variant where play alternates until each player has had three turns.