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Like Minds

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Would you write the same things down when you are asked to make a list of pizza toppings? Things found in a fish tank? TV game shows?

You'll find out when you play Like Minds.
Players sit across from their game partner. The Like Mind's brain is put in reach of everyone. The category is read out loud for all players to hear ...but only ONE player from each team knows how many matches are needed to win the round.
Everyone starts writing answers to the category. As soon as you think you and your partner have the number of matches needed, you grab the brain. Now compare your list with your partner's.
Here's an example: The category is "things teenagers do in their spare time." You know you and your partner only need three matches. You write down whatever comes to mind, hoping that it comes to your partner's mind too. "Listen to music", "watch TV", "play sports", "use the internet".
Did you match at least three? If so, you win the round and get to move ahead on the game board. The more matches you and your teammate make, the faster you'll get to Brain Central and the win!