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Query The Game

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At times hilarious, often profound, always insightful, Query is a game that shows us how the Internet connects us all – offline.

Query is a party game where players earn points for identifying the top internet search predictions and for fooling others into choosing their well-crafted answers. It's great in a family or more adult social setting.

Game play

Each card has a Query beginning and 4 real Query endings. The dealer reads the Query beginning out loud and players come up with their own endings, write them down on whiteboards, and submit them to the dealer.

Meanwhile the dealer chooses a real Query ending that he thinks nobody will guess from the card and writes it down on a whiteboard. The dealer reads all the endings out loud, including the one he chose. Players then take turns guessing which is the real ending.

Objects of the Game

1. In each round, to earn points by writing a Query Ending that other players will choose as the correct answer.
2. In each round, to earn points by selecting the correct Query Ending from those read aloud by the Query Master.
3. To be the first player to reach the space marked FINISH on the game board.