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Stratego Revised Edition

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This game is a revision and update of the classic game of Stratego. It is similar to the latter, in which the purpose is to capture the enemy's flag after secretly placing your units; but here are included new graphics, board, components, and rules.

Stratego: Revised Edition has two rules sets: those of classic Stratego; and the main ruleset including special movement and attack rules---new for most of the pieces. All pieces' powers are printed in the rules and on the gameboard. The board is smaller (8 x 10 vs. 10 x 10), and there are fewer pieces (30 vs. 40) than in Stratego.

This edition is set in a fantasy realm with pieces such as Dragons, Dwarves, and Elves replacing the traditional Napoleonic soldiers and theme of classic Stratego. One player is the Fire (Red) Army from Volcandria, and the other player is the Ice (Blue) Army from Everwinter.