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  • The Game of Life: Despicable Me Board Game Box
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The Game of Life: Despicable Me

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Play the classic Game of Life game with your favourite Despicable Me Minions! Just choose your Minion, choose a job, and let the adventure begin. You'll sing at Gru's wedding, steal the Moon, and other wacky escapades - but watch out for the evil Minions as you try to bag 5 bunches of bananas! The mini-spinner might send you in an unexpected direction, but you can always get sneaky and slide through a tube to a new space. Will you beat the others to it... or will they steal your loot? You'll find out when you play the Despicable Me version of The Game of Life!

Players move Minions around the board having adventures and picking up Action cards. The player who bags 5 bunches of bananas first wins.